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Huatao Group produces top quality belts used in the heating and tracking section of all types of corrugators, for all kind of demanding applications. Corrugating machines supplied include: BHS/AGNATI/MHI/MIT/MARQUIP/TCY/ISOWA and others.



Corrugator & Traction Belts

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Hot clipper (jaw) with flocking

Low noise emission; Flocking surface protects the corrugated board with no marks; No weakening of the fabric; No contact of the clipper with the board heating plates and pressure loading system; Safe and consistent; Excellent running performance.


Model 3 – Reinforced Edge Corrugator Belt

Specially designed for frequent changes of width. Suitable as a top belt with long lifetime. Excellent tear resistance.

  • Thickness: 9 mm

  • Width range: 1400mm – 3200mm

  • Heat resistance: 240°C, edge up to 350°C

  • Weight 7.5 kg/m2

  • Suitable speed: 200m min

  • Seam: Hot jaw lacing with flocking.

  • Fasteners - Clipper with rubber

Model 1 – Needle Corrugator Belt

  • Thickness: 9 – 10mm

  • Width range: 1400mm – 2800mm

  • Heat resistance: 200°C

  • Weight 5.5 kg/m2

  • Suitable speed: 100 – 300m min

  • Seam: Hidden seam

Model 2 – Woven Corrugator Belt

Suitable for the demands of high speed production. Widely used for heavy board and double wall.

  • Thickness: 9 mm

  • Width range: 1400mm – 3200mm

  • Heat resistance: 220°C

  • Weight 7.5 kg/m2

  • Suitable speed: 250m/ min

  • Seam: Hot jaw lacing with flocking

  • Fasteners - Clipper with rubber

Traction/Take-up Belt

Used for corrugated board transport over the single facer and for onward transport on the bridge and to the board deposit in the stacker.

  • Material: 100% Polyester

  • Thickness: 5 – 6mm

  • Weight: 3.5 kg/m2

  • Width: 600 – 2800mm

  • Standard: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm

  • Heat resistance: Under 130°C accepts short time pressure

  • Tension: 40Kpa

  • Min. winding radius: R20(mm)

Clipper with Rubber Coat

Low noise emission; Resistance from tearing, Non-abrasion; Rubber surface to protect the smooth corrugated board; Rubber flat surface neither damages pressure device nor outer rubber of driving-roller; Stabilises transmission, Prevents heavy roll from jointing.


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