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CBN and Diamond Grinding Wheels

Abrasive Cubic-Boron-Nitride (CBN) and diamond wheels ideal for use with steel alloy slitting blades. Grain size adjustable to suit application requirements.


No-Crush Wheels and Feed Rollers

Engineered polyurethane crush-less wheels and rollers manufactured to precise OEM tolerances, for greater control over machine speed and with excellent wear resistance and dimensional stability.

Resistant to chemicals, impact, extreme temperatures and are inert in the presence of ozone and oxygen.


Upper and Lower Cross-cutting Knives

Manufactured in solid steel or inlaid with rigid steel alloys for longer life and cleaner, more precise cutting.

Available in Chrome Steel (solid), M2 HSS (solid or inlay), Super-Cobalt HSS (inlay), Powder Metallurgy HSS (inlay), Tungsten-Carbide (inlay).


Gold Titanium Slotting and Bottom Knives

In addition to steel alloys, high-performance knives coated in Gold Titanium-Nitride (TiN) are available - the micro-ceramic coating lowering the coefficient of friction thus increasing blade life by 300% or more.



Knives & Slotter Spares

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