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Jarshire forms new Corrugating and Board Division 

January 2018


With extensive industry experience going back to 1979, and an impressive portfolio of world-leading suppliers, Jarshire’s new division has been established to focus solely on the needs of the corrugating and board industries.


The product range is expansive and includes fully and semi-automatic balers from American Baler;  Agromech rubber belt conveyors;  BACE vertical balers and compactors;  Corrflexo knives, slotters and grinding wheels;  Dasong corrugator rolls; Faro corrugator roller bearings;  Jarshire reel savers;  Mecoval mechanical chucks;  Sipack folder gluer machines, rotary die cutters, printer slotters and counter ejectors;  Renova roll and reel movers, brakes and clutches;  Taiwan Endurance floor conveyors and board handling systems; Kaituo complete corrugating lines, air extraction and conveying systems; and Svecom slitter scorer shafts.


Already the division has made an impressive start with Director Nick Jobson announcing a 3-year contract with a UK corrugating company for eight American Baler machines.


Already installed is a twin motor AB PAC 5029-T-30 baler with the customer engineering team delighted with the ordering process, installation, and performance of the machine. This horizontal, open-end, auto-tie, single ram baler will process corrugated sheets and trim, converting trim, shredded documents, printers’ trim and shreds, folding carton trim, die cuts, and clothing.


Other horizontal balers on order include a PW3560 full-eject, closed door, single ram baler, and a 6042-T-30 open-end, auto-tie single ram shear baler. The PW3560 is suitable for baling OCC, ONP, MOW, tin and aluminium cans, vented PET and HDPE containers, shredded documents and paper, printers’ waste, and non-ferrous metals. The 6042-T-30 is designed for small to medium sized MRF’s, transfer stations, paper brokers, and printers/converters.


Nick has also reported strong interest in other products from the range, particularly Dasong corrugating rolls. 90% of Dasong’s output is of tungsten carbide corrugated rolls - the 4000 sets manufactured in 2017 comprised all flute types including W flute.


Mecoval chucks are also attracting interest. With no internal components, the chucks are not prone to collapse or becoming adversely affected by dust. In operation, the chucks expand when the reel stand arms close guaranteeing that the lugs expand concentric and true, gripping the core perfectly.


Jarshire’s Corrugating Division will operate alongside its well-established Converting, Paper, Plastic and Tissue Division headed by brother David.  Although newly-formed, Jarshire’s experience of the corrugating industry goes back a long way. The company, established by parents Myra and Peter Jobson in 1979, included corrugating-applied equipment in its range from the start and this has continued to the present day.


Although formation of the division is part of Jarshire’s future planning, Nick and David have not lost sight of their parents’ original philosophy: that is to represent the best, give attention to detail and provide 100% back-up and service to the customer.


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