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By julia, Nov 4 2019 03:26PM

Jarshire reports a successful presence at this year’s PPMA show held at the NEC Birmingham, England from the 1st to the 3rd of October. The latest handling equipment from Dotec – the new Dotec RH50 reel handler with 4.0 digital control system, as well as a bag/box lifter for the packaging industry, were demonstrated. The RH50 4.0 gives the pneumatic handler servo-like speed and precision while maintaining the characteristic elasticity that is inherent in compressed air. External interfaces can be built-in through Ethernet web configuration interface, e.g. Wi-Fi router (VPN router) HDMI display and remote monitoring can be included.

David Jobson commented how, once again, the exhibition opened up new roads into customers that are outside Jarshire‘s traditional, core business in the Paper and Tissue Industry. In previous exhibitions, the company has been asked to provide handling solutions to breweries, crisp, chip companies and even a supplier of rockets!

Jarshire also visited ICE in Munich earlier in the year to discover new developments in equipment for the Converting Industry and to catch up with its suppliers who had a large presence at the show. Two Jarshire principals were exhibiting - Svecom PE of Italy were showing new shaft handling equipment and plastic differential cam locks, while Schafer had a new style of bowed roller and coverings for the industry.

By julia, Nov 4 2019 03:19PM

To achieve high reliability and performance, most paper machines have dry-ends equipped with fixed or rotating blade tail cutters that can provide an acceptable cut quality under well-defined operating conditions - limited basis weight range, high paper dryness – and, importantly, assuming the use of a well sharpened blade.

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Weingrill, however, has developed the HP-Waterjet, the working principle of which is based on high pressure water usage. It comprises one pumping station providing high pressure water and one nozzle to turn the applied pressure into a high velocity water jet; paper can then be “cold cut” without any change to its chemical and physical properties.

Suitable for all kinds of paper and board, including coated grades, the HP-Waterjet has been designed to provide an alternative tail cutting system to traditional blade tail cutters and is an excellent tool to better manage the tail threading process. As there is no mechanical contact with the paper, it provides a dust- and drag-free cut with reduced threading downtimes. Also, non-contact cutting eliminates inevitable wear and replacement and associated time losses related to service and maintenance of rotating (or fixed) blades. As lower cutting forces are exerted on the paper, stronger sheet edges and reduced web breaks are further advantages.

HP-Waterjet advantages include:

-Not subject to wear and so does not require continuous service

-Tliminates airborne dust, significantly reducing paper breaks. Also improving the working environment -The narrow size of water jet guarantees efficient paper cutting at high speed without disturbing or breaking the sheet

-Due to the lower cutting force, the cutting operation is faster and smoother, improving efficiency

-No physical adjustments required and not influenced by profile variations or sheet fluttering

-The cutting head has more flexible mounting options including dryer fabrics, or in open draws

-A compact cutting device - can be installed in relatively old and narrow dry end fabric runs

-Produces sharper, stronger sheet edges than a knife or rotary blade

Further information available from Jarshire Ltd

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By Jarshire, Oct 8 2019 08:11AM

A 5K Spartan obstacle course, consisting of twenty obstacles and plenty of mud, was the setting for fund-raising occasion organised by Mia Jobson, daughter of Jarshire Director Nick Jobson. Mia’s team, made up of fellow students from Shiplake College, competed against father, Nick Jobson, and friend James Moon.

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