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The pneumo-mechanical chuck can be used for both the winding and unwinding of rolls. Applications are mainly in the converting industry where the core must be locked in the absence of any twisting moment in order to transmit high torque values and/or with high working speeds.


Due to a simple mechanical design, the chucks have no rollers, pins or springs that can jam when conditions are less than perfect. Air pressure extends the expansion units and locks the reel core in place, and, since there are no moving parts between the expansion cam and the jaw units, the chucks will overpower any debris that finds its way inside and continue working.


Robust single piece components, forged from hardened steel and nickel-coated case, eliminate the need for bolts or joints that can fail under high loads guaranting safety for the operator, reliability in reel control, and with little or no maintenance requirement.


100% customisable and available in mono-diametral, double-diametral and modular versions, the quick-change system of the cage allows the operator to run any core size without changing the cam unit.



  • Simple design

  • Chuck base forged from a single piece

  • Heavy-duty design

  • High-gripping jaws

  • Large jaw expansion

  • High load capacity



Pneumo-mechanical Core Chucks

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Pneumo-mechanical Core Chucks

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