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Spreader, bowed and banana rollers

Tecnomec3 rollers are designed to eliminate creases and wrinkles from the material being processed, and prevent interweaving of slit widths of material in slitting applications.


The range includes:

  • Curved spreader rolls with rubber covering

  • Curved metal spreader rolls

  • Adjustable bow curved spreader rolls

  • Special curved spreader rolls with double bow for wet application (textile industry)

  • Cordex rollers and with wooden or steel base tubes

  • Rollers with internal cooling and automatic greasing


The company is able to manufacture special designs to a customer's individual requirements and any make, type or size of bowed roller may be repaired.



Paper and tissue mills

Spreader rollers for Tissue machines, Size press, Coating machine, Press section, Pope, Cutter, Re-reeling machine, Calender-Super Calender, Winder, Felt press.



Spreader rollers for extruded, calendered, coated, multilayers; plastic films; dry fabrics; paper and cardboard; aluminium; felts, etc.  Also, Re-reeling machines Calender-Super Calender, Coating machines, Pope, and Winder.


Textile industry

For fabrics and felts at the different stages of the production cycle both in cool or warm applications, dry or wet.



For extruded, calendered, coated, multi-layered plastic films, dry fabrics, paper and cardboard, aluminium, felts, etc.

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