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Reel Pusher

The Moviroll Roll & Reel Pusher from Renova

The Moviroll roll/reel pusher allows the operator to effortlessly manoeuvre both large and small cylindrical loads on a flat surface and then place them on the roll stand shuttle cart.

The machine uses the power of a pneumatic gear motor that is stimulated by pressurised and lubricated air at 6 bar, this allowing the transmission of circular motion to a pyramid system consisting of three rubber rollers. The power transmission begins when the Moviroll’s drive roller is compressed by contact with the weight of the roll to be moved. Should the machine be activated without load, the drive roller will simply run free.

Compact, robust and with low maintenance, the Moviroll system allows the movement of the load in a continuous and regular way and is ideal for handling paper, tissue and converting rolls in a simple and safe manner. All that is required is a compressed air connection.

Two models, each with two different handle configurations, comprise the range:

Models MR100/MR100 S

  • Thrust force 100000 N
  • Lift force 25000 N
  • Maximum speed 24 m/min
  • Air pressure 6-7 bar
  • Air consumption 28 l/sec
  • Weight 24 Kg
  • Dimensions 310 x 360 x 150

Models MR200/MR200 S

As above with an increased thrust force of 200000 N

  • Lift force 50000 N
  • Air consumption 40 l/sec
  • Weight 26 Kg

Also available, battery-operated models that have the advantage of free movement without the constraints of pneumatic connections or electrical cables

For over 60 years Svecom has provided innovative and highly customisable systems for the winding and unwinding of reels – products including air shafts, safety chucks, expanding chucks, core plugs, reel spools and shaft extractors.

Today, the company has over 200 employees, a production site of 25,000 square metres, and a sales network that covers the globe.

SchäferRolls has been producing polymer-based precision roll covers for all industries since 1946. When it comes to roll covers for the manufacturing and converting of paper products, the company has been a leading light for decades, their products reflecting experience gained from applications meeting special demands with respect to roll position, end product type and machine operator preferences. At the heart of this success is a commitment to taking product quality, productivity and overall paper manufacturing and converting performance to new levels.

The plants at Renningen (Headquarters, Germany), Brnik (Slovenia) as well as at Farmington, NH and Covington, VA (USA) currently employ a workforce of over 300. Production facilities with a total production area of more than 30,000m² are able to handle and service roll systems up to lengths of 15,000 mm, diameters of 2,000 mm, and total weights of up to 100 tons.

Renova SRL is an Italian company offering application know-how in web tension control systems and materials handling equipment.

Products including brakes, mechanical chucks, web tension control systems and roll movers are all made in Italy and designed to ideally suit wherever there is a roll to unwind, rewind or move within the production plant. Renova provides industrial solutions for companies operating in the paper, cardboard, converting, tissue paper and many other industries.

The company’s mission is to offer innovative, eco-friendly and customer-oriented products that increase productivity and safety levels, while reducing maintenance costs.

MaxDura was established in 1979 and has been injecting PU products for many years particularly for the paper ware and paper pulp industries. Its highly reliable products are designed to replace metal, rubber and plastics and are sold worldwide.

 The diverse dynamic features of polyurethane have enabled it to become the best alternative to rubber and plastics. It can withstand the harshest die cutting application and extend the life of the die cutting anvil cover.

Based in Shanghai, RMM Dasong has more than 28 years’ experience in corrugating roll manufacturing.

With an annual production of more than 3,000 units from a production area of 50,000 square metres and, with 2,500 end-users worldwide, the company’s products have been exported to over 60 countries.  It has achieved an excellent reputation with its customers and has become the leading corrugating roll supplier.

Based on gas and electrical infrared technology, Bekaert Solaronics supplies customised drying and heating systems to a wide range of industries including paper and board, converting and metal processing applications. Today, more than 1,000 systems have been installed worldwide, of which 60% come from repeat orders with existing customers. The company provides service and maintenance options worldwide for upgrade optimisation and to improve energy efficiency of existing systems.

Tecnomec 3, based in Turbigo, Italy, was established 35 years ago and company activity is based on planning and building spreader rollers and special products for different fields.

The company provides extensive technical assistance before and after the sale, both directly and through world-wide agents, this includes refurbishment as well as with new products.

Tecnomec3 spreader rollers are designed to eliminate creases and wrinkles from the material being processed and prevent interweaving of slit widths of material in slitting applications.

Construcciones Mecanicas Mecoval, based in Valencia, specialises in the manufacture of machinery, subsets and pieces for a variety of sectors.  The company has the widest range of mechanical chucks with over 20,000 units sold around the world. Their low cost and simple design mean they are perfect for corrugation, textile, plastic plants, etc. There are no maintenance problems, since the chucks are designed without any complex mechanisms which may break or fail due to dust or dirt.

Established over 30 years ago, today the company employs state-of-the-art equipment combined with traditional machinery to produce designs and for manufacturing, with the objective of giving our world-wide customers the best quality and delivery time.

Höcker Polytechnik provides customers with high quality machinery, equipment and solutions for waste and extraction solutions – delivered quickly and reliably. From the initial project sketches through to commissioning, the company’s focus is always placed on customer benefit and satisfaction.

The company is an owner-managed family business with production sites in Germany and Poland.  Its clean air technology products and solutions consistently comply with current state-of-the-art safety technology and the company continually strives for an improvement of services, products and processes.

Environmentally friendly technologies and processes are integrated into development and production at all levels of the company and optimised for sustainability.

Dotec is a family-owned company, established in 1981, that always puts the customer first with its reliability, flexibility and excellent service. The company is constantly developing new technologies and products and has striven to become the global supplier of bespoke solutions for a variety of markets with its broad portfolio of standard-developed LiftAssists. The company’s innovation is centred on the operator’s needs and process optimisation with a focus on ease of use, safety and simplicity, ergonomics, design, efficiency and proportional/flexible movement.

The Dotec LiftAssist range has specific characteristics based on ease of operation and has a very short learning curve. Everything can be controlled by a finger touch which makes it easy to work with and why it is called the Friendly LiftAssist.

Weingrill, an Italian company based in the Pinerolo area, is a leader in the production of components for the paper industry and screw jacks for numerous industrial applications. 

2022 marks 70 years of production and, since its inception, the company has shifted from the design and fabrication of electro-mechanical devices to high technology components for the paper industry with research and development being an important aspect. State-of-the-art production facilities offer customised solutions based on customer needs. In 1997 Weinghrill achieved ISO 9001 quality certification.

Today, Weingrill’s production is known all over the world: high standards in terms of reliability and technology are appreciated by over 3000 customers in 30 different countries. The company’s guiding principles are flexibility, productivity, quality and product and customer care.

With 25 years’ experience and a product range that includes Flexo Folder Gluers, Printer Slotters, Folder Gluers and Rotary Die Cutters, Sipack prides itself on offering the best of Italian technology.

Servo technology is applied to all machinery to achieve maximum precision and Sipack Customer Care specialists are available to assist on site in ensuring production goals are met.

Espo slitting systems cover an extensive range of applications for the tissue, paper, converting, non-woven, corrugated cardboard, film and foil markets.

Complete solutions are offered for on-line integration into the cutting line, rewinder, slitter/rewinder, sheeter or cutting machine.

Manual or fully-automatic, systems can be fully customised to customers’ requirements and all incorporate features designed to improve the slitting quality, reduce slitting problems and minimise set up and maintenance time.

Founded in 2006, CORRFLEXO is a Solingen based German supplier of all kind of machine knives, grinding wheels, polyurethane rolls and other spare parts used in the corrugated board industries.

CORRFLEXO offers competitive prices and quick delivery. Many satisfied customers in Europe, Asia, Middle East and other geographical territories are depending on our high quality products and services.